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Lawn Mower Tune Up

Lawn Mower Tuneup

Keeping your lawn mower tuned up and in good condition is vital to its working life. With just a few dollars, you'll be able to get your mower ready for mowing!

  • Add Fresh Gas At the Start of the Season
    When a mower sits idle during the winter, residue from the gas clogs up the passageways of the carburetor. While it is best to drain the gas in the fall, replacing the old gas in your mower is a good way to start the spring. CAUTION: Gas is highly flammable, so always work outdoors or in a well-ventilated area safe from flame and sparks. Be sure to always store gas in proper containers and to always wipe up spills immediately.
  • Change Your Oil Regularly
    Changing the oil in your lawn mower engine at the recommended times can significantly extend the life of your engine.
  • Change Your Spark Plug
    CAUTION: Always remove and ground the spark plug wire before doing any work on your mower. Because spark plugs are so inexpensive and easy to replace, it is important to replace them every spring. Also, the spark plug can make a great improvement in your engine's performance. Check your owner's manual for the correct spark plug or just match the old plug up to buy the new one.
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  • Change Your Air Filter
    Dirty air filters can suffocate your mower, causing poor performance and a loss of power. Check the air filter often (after every few mowings), especially if the lawn is dry and dusty. The air filter needs to be replaced when it is clogged with dirt and debris.
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  • Change Your Blades
    Be sure to keep sharp blades on your mower. If you're blades aren't cutting the grass as well as they used to or the mower is leaving streaks in the yard, you likely need to replace the blades. Mower blades should be in good condition in order to cut the grass properly. Dull mower blades really don't "cut" the grass; instead they rip and tear it, which damages the grass. This will leave your lawn vulnerable to insects and disease and heat stress.

    Check out our video demonstrating the difference between old blades and new blades HERE!

    The best way to know when to change your blades is to look at the blades and see what condition they are in. If the leading edge is rounded or there are some dents, tears, chips, or folded back edges, you need to replace your blades. By not replacing the blades the lawn mower has to work harder, using more fuel and putting more wear on the mower than necessary. The money spent on a new set of blades is a small price to pay for a healthy lawn and a healthy mower.
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    These tune up tips are also good rules of thumb for routine maintenance throughout the mowing season. Taking care of your mower through preventive maintenance will greatly extend the working life of your engine and mower.


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